Process and Care Instructions

The Process
Hand stamping, as the name suggests, is all done by hand. Each letter is carefully placed and then stamped with a blow from a hammer. The alignment of the text will not be perfect and may differ in height and spacing. This is what gives each item its unique character that is different from a machined process such as laser etching. 

Hand Stamping is the impression done by the metal stamp into the piece. To make the impression more visible, a coloring solution is applied to the item before the final polish is completed. This coloring can eventually fade away; however, how long the color lasts depends on how well you take care of your item. To make the coloring last as long as possible, try to avoid letting the item come into contact with perfumes, lotions, hairspray, chlorine or any other chemicals.


Re-Coloring or Simple Repairs
If you find that your item has lost its coloring or a simple repair is needed within the first six months of ownership (i.e. a clasp broke and needs replacing), you can return it to me and I will be happy to re-color it or make simple repairs for you at only the charge of shipping to/from my shop.  Please contact me if you need to discuss this option.